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Samsung S22 Ultra 5G

There is influx news on upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G.  Some of the major upgrade we are seeing is the introduction of s pen in up coming S22 Ultra 5G phone.

The obligatory FCC approval label for wave-emitting devices obviously wouldn’t fit on an S Pen, so Samsung has advised the FCC  There you have it, the SM-S908U Galaxy is coming with a built-in S Pen, and you know what that means.

Besides the the S Pen, a LED View Cover case for this phone was also approved by the FCC under the EFNS908 model number. Usually, up to two months pass from an official listing of a model number at the FCC to a phone’s launch, so we can reasonably expect the S22 series to be announced at the beginning of February, as rumored, with an official release in the US about two weeks later.